By Laurie
These are lovely
Boho Sterling Silver
with Bali silver
decorative diamond
shaped beads and
really fine Lapis
Lazuli. They are
approx. 2 1/4" long.
Sterling Silver &
Amethyst with
African Metal
Approx. 1 3/4" Long
Sterling & Bali Silver with Amazonite
Nice Apple Green
Amazonite drops with
Sterling silver & Bali
Silver beads.
They are 1 1/4" long.
Sterling, Brass & Bali with Turquoise
These are sold but can be somewhat
reproduced, call for special orders!
These are fun
chandelier earrings,
the big square part is
USA Silver Plated
Brass with Sterling
Silver & Nice
Turquoise. They
measure 3" long.
Sterling & Bali Silver with Rainbow Obsidian
I wish that the camera
could capture the
beauty of these stones,
all faceted with an
almost matte look but
yet they twinkle.
Sterling & Bali Silver
with Rainbow
Obsidian. 1 1/2" long
Sterling Squash Blossom Turquoise w/coral & lapis
From the handcrafted
wires to the turquoise
fetishes, these run 2
1/2". The squash
blossom turquoise is a
rare find and the lapis
& coral is the best!
Sterling & Bali Silver.
Sterling, Bali Silver & Natural Turquoise
The perfect classic
look with fantastic
Natural Turquoise!
These Sterling &
Bali Earrings are 2
1/4" long.
Sterling with Coral & Ryolite
Sweet, fun & a bit
sassy with the red
coral that picks up
the red flecks in the
ryolite, these sterling
silver earrings
measure 2" in length.
Sterling with Fresh Water Pearl & Rhodonite
Very Pretty, dress up
or dress down with
these Sterling
Silver, nice fresh
water pearls and sea
shell shaped
rhodonite earrings.
They are 1 3/4" in
Sterling & Bali Silver & Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 1 1/4"
These are a shorter
version, 2 stones, of the
very classic earring.
Sterling Silver &
Sleeping Beauty
these are
1 1/4" in length.
Sterling & Rose Quartz 1"
Yes, you read it right,
these little beauties are
$10. A part of my
Sterling Silver
economy line, the ear
wires are a bit thinner
than the standard wire
that I normally use.
Same great stones &
made with all the care
& love. 1" in length.
Sterling & Bali Silver w/Face Coral 1 3/4"
These are the
classic 3-stone in a
colorful faceted
Coral with Sterling
& Bali Silver.
1 3/4" in length.
Sterling & Bali Silver w/Fac Lapis Lazuli
What fun earrings,
dress up, dress down,
versatile & classy,
these Nice Lapis
earrings measure 1
1/2" in length.
Sterling Silver w/Hematite Heart 1 1/2"
Sweet & fun for  
any age!
These are Sterling
Silver w/Hematite
& measure 1 1/2"
in length.
Sterling Signed w/goldfill 2 1/4"
These are
Sterling Silver
Signed bars with
a fluted Gold fill
beads that
measure 2 1/4"
in length.
Sterling & Bali Silver w/fac Black Onyx 2 3/4"
These are AbFab
Earrings. The
large Bead is Bali
Silver, a rare find!
The bottom stone
is Faceted Black
Onyx. These
earrings are 2 3/4".
Sterling w/chains & Fac Rodonite 2""
The Rhodonite is
super nice,  faceted,
and dangling from
sterling silver
chains. 2" length.
Sterling & Bali Silver w/fac Amethyst 1 1/2"
The Large Faceted
Amethyst Bead is
finely decorated
with Sterling &
Bali Silver. Dressy
or not, you decide!
1 1/2" in length.
Sterling Silver & Malachite
If you like
Tiger Eye &
Stone Points,
these are for you!
Set in Sterling
w/Bali Silver they
measure 2 18" in
Sweet & petite
these nice sterling
& Malachite
Earrings measure
1 18" in length.
Sterling & Bali Silver w/Tiger Eye Points
Sterling, Moonstone & Fire Agate
These are fun!
With Moonstone
& Fire Agate
they dangle
down to 2",
made with
Sterling Silver.
Sterling w/Love Knot & Sapphire
Perfect for that
September baby or
just a Sapphire
These are
1 1/8 " in length.
Sterling Black Onyx & Rainbow Obsidian
Nice & Classy
Black, dress up or
casual these are
great with any
outfit. Sterling
Silver with Black
Onyx balls set
between beautiful
Rainbow Obsidian,
these measure 2".
Sterling, Copper & Magnasite Scarobs
Large & In
Charge, fit for the
Egyptian Queen
in all of us!
The large copper
bead is nicely
decorated with
Magnesite Scarabs
dangling from
them, they measure
2 1/2"
Sterling w/Carved Yellow Turquoise
Very cool carvings
done on what is
believed to be
Yellow Turquoise,
no guarantee that
they are in fact
yellow turquoise as
the stones are very
old and the price is
very low, set in
Sterling silver they
drop down 1 1/2"
Sterling w/Diamond shape &Malachite
Sterling &
nice combo!
These run 1 1/4"
in length.
Sterling & Bali Silver w/ Fresh Water Pearls
Classic 3-Stone
drop with
timeless Quality
Fresh Water
Pearls &
Sterling Silver,
they drop 2".
Sterling Bali with Lapis
Sterling Amethyst African Metal
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